group classes

Lighter Side

Silver Sneakers -

A specially formulated beginner’s class for strength, endurance and flexibility using bands, balls and weights with chairs.

Beginner's Tai Chi and Yoga -

 Meditation, stretching and balance for beginners.

Balance Basics -

Improve your flexibility and balance!

Aqua Cardio -

The next level up from the regular Aqua Fitness Class.

Aqua Fitness -

Cardio and muscle conditioning in the water.

Cardio and Strength

Latin Fusion Zumba -

An intro to Zumba combined with an emphasis on simplicity.

Interval Cardio -

An upbeat workout to get you sweating and burning calories.

Pilates -

Get ready to tone! This energizing workout engages your whole body with emphasis on core strength.

Strong and Fit -

A fun class for both strength and cardio!

Mind and Body-Relaxing

Tai Chi -

A Chinese martial art for of meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow stretching movements and positions of balance.

Yoga -

Stretching, breathing, balancing, relaxing and toning.

Chair Yoga -

A wonderful way to experience yoga without getting on the floor.

Stretch -

Loosen up your muscles and release tension.